Manage your group, and improve productivity .

A more convenient time management tool integrated with instant messaging software can help you manage time, track projects, and schedule tasks, allowing the group to focus more on the core task. This tool is suitable for individuals, interest groups, and small teams.

Work smarter, not harder

Our platform enables you to effortlessly manage group activities, monitor project progress, and schedule discussions.

Get a bird's eye view of your reports and time overview with our dashboard.

Simplify everyday tasks

You can directly manage everything from your messenger (Telegram). No need to switch between apps. QuayBot is a one-stop solution for your productivity.


Check how you spent your time and what should do next.

Let you and you group know the time management and the progress of your projects.


Keep up with the latest news and trends in your industry.

Don't worry about missing out on the latest news of what you care about. We will keep you updated using our AI.


Be aware of your well-being and get suggestions to improve it.

While tracking your work-life balance, QuayBot also helps you relax well.

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Say goodbye to time-consuming and cumbersome task management—embrace the convenience and speed of QuayBot.

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Why QuayBot?

Our platform allows you to try the bot before paying. You can pay after you have tested and are satisfied with the product.

    • Easy to Get Started

      We provide hands-on tutorials on how to use the clock-in robot. If you encounter any problems with your setup, you can also let our customer service help you complete the settings you need.

    • More Choices

      We offer a wide variety of bot features, supporting multiple languages to meet your actual needs.

    • Data Protection

      We provide the settings panel within Telegram to improve user experience and protect your data security.

    • After-sales services

      We offer free after-sales services, striving to meet your needs. You can leave a message to our customer service or submit a ticket at any time.

Reasonable pricing plans

Depending on your usage frequency and functionality requirements, we offer various bot versions for you to choose from.


Supports low-frequency usage scenarios.

$0 /always

  • Meets basic clock-in functions
  • Supports Chinese and English
  • Lightweight use
  • You can privately chat with the bot to view the help docs
  • Includes ads
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Time management for small groups.

$100 /half-year

  • High availability, high online rate, high stability
  • Supports multiple languages, including English, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, etc.
  • Customizable for various clock-in events
  • Allows multiple users to clock-in with the same account
  • Group data reset time can be customized daily, perfectly suited for night shift sign-in groups
  • The monthly report shows the month's tasks hours, attendance days, and overall data for each activity
  • Supports simultaneous use in 3 groups
  • Receive fixing updates for free
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More customizable group management.

$150 /half-year

  • Includes all the features of the Basic version
  • Add tasks and projects, and assign them to group members
  • Track the progress of tasks and projects, powered by AI
  • Allows assigning a fixed nickname note to group members
  • Real-time query of all group members' sign-in status in the group, and can generate daily, monthly data reports at any time
  • Provides a mute mode, once turned on, group members' non-clock-in related messages will be automatically deleted
  • Supports simultaneous use in up to 8 groups
  • Receive function updates for free
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We also provide simplified versions for solely clock-in purposes, without the frontend app but offering a analytics channel on Telegram. If you are interested on the detailed features, pricing, and free trial of the bot, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

You can also leave a message or submit a ticket at any time.

    • Why does the free version of the bot have ads?

      The free version of the robot includes ads when used in groups. This is necessary to maintain the operation of the bot. If you want to remove ads, you can consider purchasing the paid version.

    • Can I upgrade from the basic plan to the premium plan?

      Yes, you can upgrade at any time.

    • Can I use the bot in multiple groups at the same time?

      The free version of the bot can be used in unlimited groups with ads. The basic version can be used in 3 groups at the same time, and the premium version can be used in 8 groups at the same time.

    • How do I get the bot?

      After you contact us, we will reach out to you and make sure your requirements are met. Then we will send you the bot link and the manual. After you add the bot to your group, you can start using it.

    • What should I do if my owner account is deleted on Telegram by myself?

      You can contact us before deleting your account. We will help you transfer the ownership of the subscription to another account.

    • How many people can configure the bot in my group?

      The bot will only be configured by the owner of the subscription. However, it allows multiple users to view the report.

    • When will the report be available?

      For the basic version, the report will be sent at a specified time every day. For the premium version, you can view the report at any time.

    • Can I leave the group/channel after I add the bot?

      If you are the owner of the subscription, you cannot leave the group. Otherwise, the bot will stop working.

    • If I need to add the bot to more groups, what should I do?

      You can contact us to purchase additional group quota. The price is $10 per group. The upper bound is unlimited.